Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hellgate 100K

Where to begin? I have always had a love-hate relationship with Hellgate. I've never been too fond of the cold, so much of my week leading up to the race is spent dreading the elements. Then a funny thing happens as we all make our way from Hellgate parking to the start. I forget about the cold, the 66+ miles....and I begin to get so excited that I can't wait to get started running. Did I mention I absolutely love the solitude of running through the mountains in the middle of the night? As Horton would say this is indeed a very special race.

Leading into this Hellgate it looked as if this would be the most competitive field yet. There were big names (Karl Meltzer and David Goggins), the Hellgate veterans (Reed, Aaron, Keith, Jordan, Darryl, Harland, and T. Williams) then the newbies (Frank, Lantz, and Garcia) and a host of other very capable runners (B Gill, Raymond). ***Note Frank's technically not a Hellgate newbie but I don't count last year considering the amount of training done this year opposed to last*** I was very stoked to be running against such a stout field.

The race played out fairly well for me. I had a little extra motivation to finish the year up on a high note after the disaster that was MMTR. Most of the race was pretty uneventful considering I assumed the lead around mile 9 and didn’t see another racer or even their light the final 50 or so miles which made for more of a feel of me out cruising through the mountains enjoying the beautiful night all alone. Mostly things felt rather relaxed. The only rough spot I had was the section from Bearwallow gap to Bobblets gap….all three years I’ve run this race I’ve struggled with this section. I believe it’s the fact the sun has popped up and the excitement of running at night turns into the realization of 20 more miles. Another piece of excitement occurred here as I was greeted by Horton informing me that I was 2 minutes under the CR. All I’m going to say about that is Eric Grossman blazed the last 21ish miles. In the end I pulled out my second win at Hellgate in a time of 11:24:20 for third fasted all-time. After having some time to reflect I can say that I’m very satisfied with my race but I do believe there is some room for improvement. I guess that means I’ll be at the starting line next year looking to ever so slightly tame Hellgate a bit more.

Notes/congrats/musings:• Congrats to all you first time Hellgate finishers along with all you multi-year whack jobs. ;)

• Here’s a shout out to my friend Chris Reed who had one heck of year…..Chris finished 2nd in all three fall Beast races, in the process snagging one of those coveted WS spot.

• Congratulations to my training partner Frank Gonzales for a job well done finishing 2nd overall in the Beast series. For you people who don’t know Frank, he struggled through his first ultra 20 months ago at a weight of well over 200 lbs., congrats you worked hard for all you achieved.

• Keith Knipling set a PR at all three fall Beast series races. Job well done.

• Darryl Smith no matter who or what he always finds a way into the top 10.

• Nice job Kevin…I think it has something to do with your great crew.

• Thanks to all the Aid station workers for spending their night taking care of us runners. You guys where awesome.

• Last but not least Thank you David Horton for being so off your rocker to dream up and execute such a “Special” event. You my man need to check this link out:


  1. congrats to you jeremy on a well run race! great race report! :o) I was so extremely happy for you once tammy gray texted me early that saturday morning and told me you were in the lead! nice work!

  2. Perhaps we should all pitch in and buy Horty a measuring wheel. Congrats on another win, and may we meet again :)

  3. Jeremy,

    Great race report and I really like the new blog. Two wins at Hellgate is a GREAT achievement. You have just gotten better and better each year and now you've become a force to be reckoned with whenever/wherever you toe-the-line. I'll heckle you like Horton and say, "It's time to run a 100-miler!"

    Merry Christmas,


  4. Congrats. And, I love the title of your blog!

  5. Third time is the charm. Your third race produced your 2nd win, but put you as the 3rd fastest human to complete Hellgate. Now that is something to be excited about. Great race and from what I understand you ran it perfectly. Next year is going to produce even greater results, so rest up and enjoy your Christmas. The new year will be upon us shortly.

  6. Thanks guys. Its really nice to be part of such great group of people. Merry Christmas to you all. Oh...Adam its definitely happening this year.

  7. Jeremy, nice job. You ran a great race. Wish I could have caught up with you, but you were too darn ffast Maybe next year. Have a great New Year!