Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Little Down Time

Since Hellgate I've had no real focus to my training. I've just been enjoying running with friends and simply having fun. Last year I took some time to recharge the batteries and it did wonders for me so I decided this will definitely be an annual occurrence. I think for me personally it provides a time for the body to heal and more importantly the mind. All that being said I have been running. ;-) I have even recently logged (more like chasing him) a few miles on The Priest and Three Ridges with the one and only Clark Zealand. Folks he’s making a comeback. Below are a few things that excite me about the year.

• Being healthy! I haven’t truly been completely healthy in two years but as of right now that is the case. I been able to run without a foot pain the last couple months….woohooo!

• Running my first 100 miler. Horty tells me I’m not a real ultra-runner until I’ve run a 100 miler. I’d planned to do one last year but the thought of running 100 miles with my foot killing me from the beginning didn’t appeal to me. Or as Horty would say I’m just a big wimp.

• I’m totally stoked to be part of the new running team This switch of teams will provide me the opportunity to try a bunch of different shoes. Inov-8 was very good to me the past 2 years but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was a little bummed to not be able to try some of the new shoes on the market. More to come on this later…

• CZ getting in shape. Clark has another gear when truly in shape. Of course this means I’ll be suffering on some runs but I’ve been trying to get in as many licks as possible the past couple of weeks.

• Horton competing in the Ride the Divide. I’m glad you’ve found a little adventure to chase this summer.

• My Buddy Adam Casseday with his wife Kadra crewing him will be running the entire length of the AT. I’m definitely planning to join him several times along his journey. Do you hear that Adam?

I’m sure there are lots more I could add to this list but for the sake of not boring anyone reading this I will spare you…plus I need to go for run. One last thing I’d like to mention I can’t wait for the Montrail Rogue Racer…..should have a pair on my feet by midweek at the latest. I think Montrail may have hit the nail squarely on the head with this shoe. If you’re equally as excited keep an eye on…..use the discount code MMG15 to receive %15 off anything storewide.

Montail Rogue Racer


  1. You make it sound like it should sound, Fun!

  2. Good stuff Jeremey. . . of course I expected you to spend a significant amount of time with me this summer!

    Congrats on the new sponsorship and new opportunities - I'm excited for you and Clark and all of the possibilites at the Aidstation Store and Team.

    Let's do a run together soon! I'm getting cabin fever here in WV!

    - Adam

  3. btw. . . I know you don't spell your name Jeremey(typo), Jeremy.

  4. hey jeremy! great post! Glad you've been enjoying some downtime since hellgate! What 100 miler are you thinking of running? I really want to run one as well, but I'm thinking 2012 will be the year for that, I'm still learning and still need to figure out 50 milers just a little better before I feel confident enough to move up distances. I'm so excited to hear about the racing team! Grossman was telling me about that the other day when we were running at mt rogers. very cool!!! very happy clark will be racing this year!

    and ME TOO on the rogue racers! CANT WAIT!!! I have wanted these shoes since last summer when I got to look at the demos. please post something on FB as soon as the aidstation gets them in stock and I will definitely order a pair from you guys.

    take care!


  5. Jenn- awesome...I will let you know but I'm hoping we have them Monday. Adam- I'm considering changing the spelling of my name...Jeremey fits much better. Jason- So many people can define fun in so many different ways ;)